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My Music And Me

Lady gaga’s new single was released on April 17 and less than 48 hours, it already hit a million views! I was ecstatic when she dropped her latest album Joanne in 2016 but I won’t complain that we got a new single few months after. Her new album has 14 tracks and there were two singles from the album that played everywhere I went whether it be on an airplane or a supermarket. They were Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons.The_Cure_-_Single_Cover

The album cover of Joanne is very pretty. I mean with pastel colours going big in the 2016 and 2017, the pastel pink hat that she wore and pastel blue background was very pleasing to my eyes. Gaga also gave an amazing performance at Coachella this year as she was one of the main performance. Drake even showed up unannounced which was the highlight for many of his fans there.

Coachella Performances

Speaking of Coachella, a lot of people dressed up bohemian style for the occasion. Many celebrities as well as YouTube stars attended the festival such as Tanya Burr, Ashley Tisdale and even Cody Simpson. As usual, Radiohead and Bon Iver were also one of the main artists performing. All in all, it was a great indie weekend even though I had to watch Live through YouTube.