The Top 2 Best Knives I Highly Recommend

When it comes to peeling, cutting and chopping, the best knives will always save time and trouble. For this reason, having them in my kitchen has never been an option. Cooking is bread and butter for me because I have never compromised my affection for quality kitchen equipment. Thanks to the best knives I have, I can today chop like a pro. On a light note, am quite sure I can chop at least 2 times faster than you. The secret behind this is not only an art I have mastered over the years, but also the knives I use.

My Bleeding Edge Experiences

Over the years, I have tested a number of brands and read a bunch of kitchen knife reviews. While some have proven to be a disappointment, the following 2 knives have worked out best for me, they have contributed to the celebrated chef I am today;

The Mac MTH-80 8-inch Chef’s knife with dimples


Whenever I want to slice through tough butternut squash, dice onions or turn carrots into classic French cuttings, this knife does it all thanks to its razor-sharp blade. This Japanese kitchen giant is undoubtedly the sharpest and the most durable knife I have ever used.

High Carbon Blade

With its high-carbon blade, I can bet with my life that this knife will serve you for as long as you live, without losing a pinch of its sharpness. Its specially made handle makes it one of the most comfortable knife to hold. As a matter of fact however, this iconic knife is not cheap. In fact, it is one of the most expensive knives I have purchased. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a combination of durability, comfort and exceptional performance in a single knife, I assure you this is the Ideal one for you.

The Tojiro DP

Tojiro Knife Best Reviewed

Of all the knives I have tested, this one has proven to be the best in terms of balance and ease of maintenance. With a life-time warranty, this knife assures me that I will never spend a dime on maintenance related costs. Its magnificent Japanese stainless steel gives my kitchen astounding beauty giving it that desirable impression.

Amazingly Crafted Handle

With its amazingly crafted ergonomic handle, this knife will always give ultimate chopping comfort. Honestly, what else could you be looking for in a knife?
Having the best knives is as important as having the best cookware set, or having the best cooking guides. These are two knives I highly recommend. Invest in them as soon as now, and good luck in your cooking!