What’s the best coffee machine to buy?

Coffee is one of the leading drinks to start mornings since the 16th century, and is no doubt one of the best creations of the world. However, many people don’t have the time to grind their own coffee beans and prepare their own coffee, but technology is always one step ahead, so whether you love lattes, or wake up in the morning to taste a sweet, frothy macchiato, there is an espresso machine in the market for all your needs!

top espresso machines

This article is divided into 3 sections, each with one machine of my personal choice, so I’ll explain them beforehand to avoid confusions. The first is the Capsule machine, it is the most expensive, but is for the laziest of people, and doesn’t make any mess. The second is the Bean-to-cup machines. They are affordable, but don’t have the qualities of making hand-grinded coffee. The last one is Manual Espresso machine. It is next in line after capsule machines in terms of price, but offer full flexibility in creating the coffee you want. All three of these espresso machines are my best budget espresso machine recommendations. Now that you know them, let’s begin!

Best Capsule Coffee Machine: De’Longhi Lattissima Pro:

This machine is the best in the kind, and by best, I really mean the best. It has really fast heating times (25 seconds for coffee and 40 seconds for heating milk), LED touchscreen with options menu, auto-cleaning systems with rinsing options, a rapid cappuccino system, and looks fantastic, what’s not to love? So, if you want one, don’t hesitate for even a millisecond, as no machine is this good, although I have to tell you, one coffee can cost you $3-$5 because of the separate price of the capsules.

Best Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine: Melitta Caffeo Barista TS:

I expected this machine to be a disappointment because of its usage of coffee beans, but I have to say, I was surprised. If you want a good bean-to-cup machine, this one is the best. It produces coffee that is at par with the ones that manual espresso machines make. The incredibly simple interface, easy maintenance, extra bean hoppers and automatic milk, coffee and frother systems with excellent results make this coffee maker the king of bean-to-cup machines!

Best Manual Espresso Machine:  Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler:

This super expensive but amazing machine tops the charts of quality, convenience and flexibility, as the vast variety of options make this machine stand out both visually and performance wise. The body is made of industrial quality stainless steel, but that isn’t all. It has dual boilers, delivers exceptional quality coffee, and looks great while doing it! So, if you have lots of money in your pockets. Don’t think for a split second before buying it. It will last you a lifetime.